WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: Where Wildlife greets Travellers

Great Wildlife Encounters while Travelling

Be it the Giraffes which come and pay a visit in the elegant dining room by sticking their long necks through the windows of the legendary Giraffe Manor Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, the Elephants looking for refreshment at a safari lodge’s outdoor swimming pool in South Africa or the gorillas walking through the lush pastures of a wilderness resort in Uganda…what could possibly make for a more adventurous and unforgettable journey?

Impodimo Game Lodge

Madikwe Game Reserve, North West Province, South Africa

Impodimo Game Lodge in Madikwe

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

Bella Coola, British Columbia / Canada

Giraffe Manor Hotel


Gorillas at the Bwindi Lodge

Etali Safari Lodge

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