Mark Gee

The Art of Night Photography by Mark Gee

No one photographs the night sky like Mark Gee – and we’re over the moon to say he’s coming to stay at Bushtops in Kenya, to capture the African star-scape. Mark began his career contributing visual effects to various Oscar-winning feature films (including Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Avatar, I, Robot and Peter Pan).

Now he’s reinvented himself as an astrophotographer. Through self-taught photographic techniques, he’s captured the beauty and wonder of the heavens above his native New Zealand – being shortlisted for (and awarded) numerous accolades.

These include winning Astronomy Photographer of the Year in 2013 and having his films and images broadcast worldwide, by CNN, the BBC, NASA and others. He has presented at a TEDx talk in Christchurch, illuminating his famous Moonrise and astrophotography shots.

Now he’s booked his flight to visit Bushtops Luxury Camp in Kenya in August – and the lodge looking forward to sharing his unique take on the astonishing surroundings.

Below are some awe-inspiring shots and you can follow Marks trip on the Bushtops Camps Facebook page and The Art of Night – The Photography of Mark Gee Facebook page as well as other social networking platforms (Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest)


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