Damara Elephant Horse Safari

Damara Elephant Horse Safari Damaraland in Namibia, Southern Africa, features a multitude of magnificent geological formations. It is arguably one of the most spectacular regions of Namibia.

Being almost inaccessible, very rugged, and yet surrounded by delicate colours which contrast with the remnants of a violent geological past.

The true wilderness of Namibia can be explored and discovered on this challenging and rewarding Damara Elephant Horse Back Safari which includes the craters of inactive volcanoes crossed by large river systems including the fascinating wild beauty of the Skeleton Coast.

This unforgettable horse riding safari through Namibia is a tremendously exciting and thrilling adventure where participants have the opportunity to encounter desert-adapted Elephant, Cheetah, Rhino as well as other Namibian wildlife. The occasional flooding of the long-dry rivers adds excitement to this fabulous Namibian wilderness experience.

Attractions during the Damara Elephant Horse Safari, Namibia

  • rock engravings at Twyfelfontein which is a World Heritage site
  • local environmental and cultural projects
  • Namibian desert-adapted rhinoceros and elephants
  • dramatic landscapes and its geological formations
  • unrefined beauty of magnificent African wilderness
  • Cape Fur Seal colony at Cape Cross.

Riding pace of the Damara Elephant Tour

  • 20 - 50 km horseback riding per day
  • all paces are included in the tour
  • suitable for well-experienced horse riders
  • encounters with elephants are possible.

Horse Safari details

  • depart Windhoek
  • arrive in Windhoek
  • duration: 11 days / 10 nights
  • 7 and a half riding days
  • 2 and a half sightseeing days
  • 8 nights camping
  • 2 nights lodge accommodation
  • dates: 5 - 15 June and 16 - 26 August

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FAQs about Damara Elephant Horse Safari
What is the contact number for reservations?

The contact numbers to make a reservation at Damara Elephant Horse Safari are:

•  Cape Town Reservations +27 (0) 21 794 9050
•  Durban Reservations: +27 (0) 31 941 5945
•  Johannesburg Reservations: +27 (0) 10 446 8045.

Alternatively, you can check availability and book online by clicking here.

Where about is Damara Elephant Horse Safari located?
Damara Elephant Horse Safari is located at the following location / address: Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia.