Greystoke Mahale Camp

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The secluded Greystoke Mahale Camp is located on a white sandy beach with magnificent views over Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania in East Africa.

Greystoke Mahale with the forested slopes has the Mahale Mountains in the backdrop. Not accessible by road but only by boat, this adventure camp offers an ideal destination from which to admire the chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

The six chalets at Greystoke Mahale are set back within the forest offering views of the beach and the lake beyond. Only sustainable materials sourced locally have been used for the construction of the rooms such as wood and thatch. Each of the Robinson Crusoe style chalets features an en-suite bathroom.

The chalets are accessible by a short boardwalk, with cold and hot running water, showers and flush toilets. Furthermore, guests enjoy the convenience of a dressing room and the popular upstairs viewing deck.

The main camp is the only solid structure on this beach featuring the central point of this adventure camp. From the viewing deck of the main lodge, guests enjoy magnificent vistas over the lake across to the mountains of the Congo in the far distance.

Evenings wind down here with refreshing sundowners served on the rocks where drinks are served around the beautifully lit bar with the scenery disappearing into the darkness of the night.

Besides the many wonderful creatures which inhabit this scenic region of Tanzania, it is the chimpanzees which inspire travellers. Guests have the extraordinary opportunity to observe the chimpanzees in their natural habitat, tracking their movements, watching their feeding habits and grooming each other.

After tracking them through the forest for one or two hours following their sounds, visitors encounter them. Visitors then sit quietly on the forest ground and take in this extraordinary privilege of being here. One becomes aware of the different relationships between them acted out through gestures, sounds and expressions. Fun games are also witnessed when the young chimps fall and play about the forest floor.

In the over 1,500 square kilometres of the Mahale Mountains in Tanzania, East Africa, no roads can be found. Forest paths and tracks made by animals over the years are the only pathways through these magnificent forests. What makes this camp very unique and desirable is its absolute seclusion.

The camps are only accessible by boat, adding to the adventure of getting there. Guests may enjoy leisurely hikes in the forest up to one of the many waterfalls, followed by cooling off in the ice-cold rock pools. Besides the chimpanzees, the forest is inhabited by many other animals such as bushbucks, bush pigs and a great variety of birds and butterflies. Furthermore, nine species of primate can be found here.

In Mahale, the dry season begins in June which goes through to October. During the dry season, the temperatures are higher and the skies are quite hazy. As the dry season goes on, the chimps usually live on the lower slopes due to their favourite fruits being available here.

This regions' green season lasts from November through to March. This season at the Mahala Mountains is a photographers dream. The haze which is often seen during the dry season disappears. The lake is at its clearest in the green season offering amazing vistas of the Congo in the distance.


  • Chimpanzee trekking
  • Leisurely hikes to waterfalls
  • Swimming in rock pools
  • Relaxing on the warm sands of the beach
  • Kayaking
  • Late afternoon trip in a dhow with cool box and sundowners on board.


  • Ensuite private bathroom
  • Housekeeping

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FAQs about Greystoke Mahale Camp
What is the contact number for reservations?

The contact numbers to make a reservation at Greystoke Mahale Camp are:

•  Cape Town Reservations +27 (0) 21 794 9050
•  Durban Reservations: +27 (0) 31 941 5945
•  Johannesburg Reservations: +27 (0) 10 446 8045.

Alternatively, you can check availability and book online by clicking here.

Where about is Greystoke Mahale Camp located?
Greystoke Mahale Camp is located at the following location / address: Mahale Mountains.