Nsolo Camp

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US $1070.00

The exquisite Nsolo Camp is beautifully situated along the banks of the seasonal Luwi River in Zambia's remote and wildlife rich South Luangwa region,

Quick facts

  • Open 20 May to 31 October
  • 5 Tented Suites
  • Solar power / no wifi
  • 2 hour safari drive transfer from Mfuwe Airport
  • Minimum age of kids 12.


  • Overlooks a lively river lagoon
  • Wild dog den nearby
  • Great base for our Sleepout Under the Stars.


Guests are accommodate in comfortable and luxurious suites which are set on wooden platforms. The suites reflect the surrounding beauty of the South Luangwa, each one providing beautiful views over the bushveld beyond.


The area surrounding the Luwi River is known for its wild dogs and lions making for fantastic safari drives. Some of the lion prides make use of the dry riverbed as a thoroughfare and as a method to locate prey and to warn their rivals to stay away.

  • Day and night safari drives
  • Walking safaris
  • Sleepout Under the Stars
  • Wild dog den nearby.

South Luangwa Flights

  • Lusaka to Mfuwe (1 hr )
  • Royal Airstrip to Mfuwe (1.5 hrs, via Lusaka )
  • Lilongwe to Mfuwe (1 hr )
  • Livingstone to Mfuwe (2 hrs, via Lusaka)
  • Kalabo Airstrip to Mfuwe (3.5 hrs, via Lusaka )
  • Johannesburg to Mfuwe (3 hrs, private charter )

Distance between Time + Tide Camps

  • Chinzombo to each seasonal camp ( 20 km)
  • Luwi to Nsolo (8 km)
  • Kakuli to Nsolo (12 km)
  • Nsolo to Mchenja (14 km)
  • Mchenja Mchenja to Kakuli ( 8 km).


  • Ensuite private bathroom
  • Housekeeping
  • Viewing Deck

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