Safari Lodges in Central Kalahari

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Dinaka Camp
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6 Reviews
The Dinaka Safari Camp nestles in an exclusive private reserve in the northern region of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve of Botswana. This region is home to one of the most unique bio-diversities
ADDRESS: Central Kalahari Game Reserve
Grassland Bushman Lodge
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5 Reviews
The Grassland Bushman Lodge lies on the western side of the vast Central Kalahari Game Reserve in the Ghazni district of Botswana, Southern Africa. This wildlife-rich area of Botswana
ADDRESS: Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Ghanzi District
Kalahari Plains Camp
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The Kalahari Plains Camp is beautifully located affording guests with scenic views of the immense pan with endless horizons. The Plains Camp is located in a remote region of the Central
ADDRESS: Central Kalahari

Deception Valley

US $550
Deception Valley Lodge
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The Deception Valley Lodge is a luxurious oasis situated in the Kalahari of Botswana, Southern Africa, in proximity to the Okavango Delta. Guests staying at the lodge are provided with the
ADDRESS: North Eastern Border of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Central Botswana

Central Kalahari reserve in Botswana, Southern Africa, is a vast national park located in the Kalahari desert.  The reserve was established in 1962 and covers a region of 52,810 km² which is about double the size of the state of Massachusetts making it the second largest game reserve in the world.

Botswana's Central Kalahari Game Reserve is home to Africa's untamed wildlife such as giraffe, hyena, cheetah, wild dog, leopard, lion, wildebeest, eland, gemsbok, kudu and red hartebeest.  This region of Botswana is predominantly flat covered with bush and grasses over the dunes.  Many of the river valleys are fossilised with salt pans. Four fossilised rivers meander through the Central Kalahari Game Reserve including Deception Valley which began to form around 16,000 years ago.

  • The Central Kalahari Reserve in Botswana is a vast national park located in the Kalahari desert
  • This game reserve was established in 1961 and covers a region of 52,800 km²
  • The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the second largest game reserve in the world
  • Four fossilised rivers run through the Central Kalahari Game Reserve one of which is Deception Valley